Chloe and Natalya - Cow Let out of Milking Machine Facesat and Teased

Teaser Chloe reads a magazine and ignores a cow while it suffers on the milking bench. Finally, the cow speaks and begs Chloe to stop. Natalya comes in for her shift and tells the cow to stop bothering Chloe. Natalya sits on its face to muffle its cries while Chloe checks his testicles where the electrodes make contact. The teasers insist that the cow stop complaining and meet quota. They face sit and tease him to encourage him to produce more pre-cum.

Later, after shift has ended, they let the cow out of the milking apparatus, but continue to tease it. They tie his cock with string and tease his erection, which will not go away because of all the Viagra they have pumped into him. They both smother him with their asses. They control his cock, his air, his finances and his entire life.

When they are finished toying with an abusing the cow, they will lock it into chastity for the night. Girls will wake him to use his mouth as a toilet all night long. When you are a cow it just never ends. (15:15 long)


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