Lola and Noe - Tease Chastity Cow Conditioned Not to Cum Part 1

1080 HD Andy has already spent his five hours on the milking bench and he’s ready for a nice rest in secure bondage. But Lola and Noe have other plans. They want to see if they can make Andy cum while wearing his chastity device. The girls attach electrodes to Andy’s testicles. Noe sits on Andy’s face while Lola runs a current. Andy has been conditioned not to orgasm from his many years on the milking bench. Andy gets a throbbing erection inside his chastity cage. The girls are pretty sure that Andy won’t be able to achieve orgasm from the chastity teasing. They wager that if Andy can’t cum, he will have to spend an extra six hours on the milking bench next shift, just to give him some motivation to try. The girls are very amused that they have set Andy up to fail at a nearly impossible task. Lola stimulates the skin around Andy’s chastity with one finger and the girls laugh at how pathetic it is that he becomes so aroused by such little contact. Then she gets a vibrator and vibrates the chastity cage. The girls play at the cruel teasing game until they get bored. They declare Andy the loser and tell him that he will have to spend extra time on the milking bench the following day. (10:14 long)



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